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Ratchet Lock Instructions for Use

Setting Your Personal Combination

Setting the Ratchet Lock takes only a few seconds. Simple follow the instructions below! We recommend reading all the steps once before starting.

  • Step 1. Combination must be on current opening number prior to resetting. (The combination is factory set at >>0-0-0<<)
  • Step 2. Locate the change screw (1) as shown below. Push inward with a small screwdriver & rotate the change screw 90 degrees clockwise. The change screw will now be recessed inside the ratchet lock body.
  • Step 3. Set personal combination by turning dials to desired combination. Rotate the screw back counterclockwise until the screw is now flush with the surface. The combination is now set.
  • Step 4. Test the combination by setting the combination to the new code. The ratchet bar release (2) should rotate from red to green & slide the lock off the ratchet bar.
  • NOTE: To reset the combination in the future, the combination must be set to current opening code prior to turning the change screw.
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To Open

  • Either set the combination to the opening number or insert the master key and turn.
  • Turn the ratchet bar release from red to green to release the bar.

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 ratchet lock

ratchet lock
Screw is now in change mode when  recessed in vertical position.

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